Blogging from the air …


The view from my father’s 19th floor apartment in Sao Paulo.

At the moment I am in a TAM Airline Airbus 320, approximately 29,000 feet above the ground. I am obviously not live-blogging, and when you read this I will be happily back on the ground.

This is now my second flight on this winter break trip to Brazil. I have spent the last five days caught up in the hustle-and-bustle of the city of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo. In my own fairy-tale world I was the Rapunzel of my father’s 21-story apartment building, waking up from my tower on the 19th floor and having to face the tantalizingly gorgeous view lying outside my window.


My lunch at the restaurant inside MASP.

Lucky for me I am not in a fairy-tale and I was allowed to leave the 19th floor and explore the city. My arrival was graced with a cultured day in the fervor of Sao Paulo’s downtown. My father and I made a trip to MASP, Museu de Artes de Sao Paulo (Art Museum of Sao Paulo) and to our surprise – admission was free. What better way to spread the intrinsic value of artistic expression than to grant free admission to an awesome art museum once a week? Although I am not much of an expert on the arts, I know that the names Van Gogh and Claude Monet carry quite a prestigious stigma, so when I came across a piece of each I couldn’t help but be as excited as the artsy-est of artists.

As we left the museum we passed by a small theatre that was about to show a film that my father wanted to watch.

That’s what is so great about the city – the spontaneity of your days is unpredictable – you never know what movie might be playing around the corner.

When we bought our tickets we actually chose our seats beforehand – which I thought was pretty cool. The film, “Infancia Clandestina,” turned out to be an Argentinian foreign film; the film was in Spanish with Portuguese subtitles. I’ve never given much thought to foreign films, but I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit. Although I am not fluent in Spanish I could mostly understand what was being said on screen, and the idea dawned on me that this is how I will perfect my Spanish, by watching more of these films. Once I tackle that language barrier I have decided to try out the same method with Italian – wish me luck.

UPDATE: approximately 20 minutes left for my flight … where did the time go? I should do this more often, write while I’m flying – forget where I really am.


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