What happens in New Orleans…

Bourbon Street

…gets written on my blog.

Later in October 2013 –

One mini van. Seven people.

The notorious LSU vs. UF football game, also known as the best excuse to take a road trip, had finally arrived — and we were riding in style.

We came, we saw, and we did not conquer. We lost by 11 points. But we did won a lot of beads. (The decent way.)

For those of you who may not have taken a trip down to “NOLA” yet, let me tell you something about Bourbon Street: it’s like stepping into another world. One run by street performers, devoid of rules or societal constraints, decorated year-long, a 24-7 stretch of bars, clubs, liquor stands, po-boy shacks, oyster bars, more bars, more clubs, more liquor stands. Basically, it’s a college student’s Disney land.


Chargrilled oysters!

You definitely come across some strange things in that city. It’s as if there’s something in the air — it tells Bourbon Street-ers “Leave the norm behind, there’s no place for it here.” The act of judging, or the feeling of being judged, does not appear to  exist.

The lack of open container laws allows you to get a drink on-the-go. There’s an 85 percent chance you’ll either have a yard-long frozen drink or a green Grenade occupying one (if not both) of your hands. Add a pink fishbowl drink hanging from your neck and you’re all NOLA-ed out. Everyone is happy. Everyone is smiling. That is, until the next morning.

But that’s what Bloody Maries are for.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Beyond the obvious party scene, I found this city has so much more to offer. The culture, for one, is unique to its confinements. It’s so distinct, that once you step on its streets, you instantly feel that you’re far, far away from where ever you just came from. At least that’s how I felt. The streets surrounding the obvious attraction, Bourbon Street, are speckled with seafood restaurants, vintage and antique stores, and decorated homes.

An actual city, with buildings, street lights and cabs, lies at the end of Bourbon. This did it for me. The city is beautiful. The culture is enticing. The streets are weird. The people are authentic.

And if you walk the right way, you’ll find the Mississippi.


Places I checked out:


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