No winein’ — Just cheesin’

November 2013 — Napa Valley, Calif.IMG_9833

I spent 12 hours of my four-day Thanksgiving break in the air, but that’s okay. Because this time: We went to Napa!

Our family friends, Gisela and her son Khevin, flew from South Florida (our old home) to San Francisco to spend the holiday with my mom and I. Add the four cats and my mom’s boyfriend, Simon, and it was a full house! With most of my family living in Brazil, full houses are a rare thing for me here in the States.

S0 when we have guests, it’s all the merrier.


We decided to go to Napa Valley, all first-timers, on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I honestly don’t know how we awoke from the prior night’s food coma, but somehow, we did.

The first winery we hit, Ram’s Gate, was in Sonoma. A gist of wine country, the first sight of vineyards could be seen sprawling the hills in the distance. Unfortunately, November is quite a ways away from spring time, when the grapevines are budding in all their pre-wine glory. Nevertheless, the scenic walk through the endless rows of vines leading to a transparent lake was beautiful. Especially while juggling three glasses of distinguished wines that tasted just as beautiful.


The afternoon fell, and the infamous fog was beginning his decent on the road behind us, so we decided to head home.

We ended the trip with a fabulous dinner at an Italian restaurant.

To my delight, everyone was in accordance that one day in wine country wasn’t enough.

On Saturday, we returned.

IMG_9846Driving north to Napa Valley, we stopped at Sterling Vineyards, which I wholeheartedly, all wine-induced smiles aside, recommend visiting.

You take a gondola ride to the top. Need I say more?

Once there, you walk the entire castle, tasting a number of wines. The tasting tour ends at a restaurant at the top of the castle, where we ordered a selection of salamis and cheeses to go with our final five tastings. It was magnificent, or as I would say in Rome:

“è stato magnifico”


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