My month in SF

It’s upsetting that it takes both my mother and father to bring up my lack of promptness and overall neglect toward this beautiful blog to get me back on it.

In my defense, I’m used to working on deadline. Working under pressure is my thing. A loose schedule? Not so much.

That being said, we have some catching up to do.

I spent about six weeks in Northern California following the end of the school semester in May. Derek spent three of those weeks with me. After being apart for a semester (in the college-lifetime-perspective, that’s a significant amount of time), it was a sigh of relief to spend a weekend with him without worrying about how quickly Saturday would turn to Sunday — or the day that was stained with goodbye every two weeks or so.

The trip started out interestingly enough: We were flying from Tampa, Fla. to Houston, Texas, but the weather was not in our favor. Our 6 p.m. flight was delayed, then canceled. We were then sent off to the Marriott within the airport for the night. We caught a new flight at 6 a.m. the next morning and one stopover later, we arrived in San Francisco.

This time around we decided to visit one of California’s inescapably elegant yet scandalously sleazy neighbor: Vegas. But that trip deserves a post of its own.

Derek and I spent days wandering the city by car and by foot. Like any other city, the spontaneous finds during a stroll through San Francisco do not disappoint — walk in any direction and you’ll stumble upon a strange bar, in this case, one combining Mexican beer with a live Bluegrass band…

El Rio

El Rio


Or a grassy hill taken over by PBR-drinking teens and 20-somethings, overlooking San Francisco’s downtown skyline


Dolores Park

Or THIS view


Twin Peaks

At one point, we took our aimless walking to a less urban setting: Muir Woods. Trading in skyscrapers for 100-foot tall redwoods, Derek and I hiked the Ocean View Trail through Muir Woods National Monument, a redwood forest. Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies, especially when doing a new trail within a new setting. The weather was so pleasant and the air so clean, life really just seemed to pause for a moment — a relaxing escape from reality across the bridge.




It’s 1:37 a.m. I’ll save the rest for a future post. (Coming soon this week — promise!)


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